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Research has shown that when we fast our bodies do not produce extra insulin and this enables our bodies to break down our fat stores. When we eat our bodies produce some insulin and this causes us to go into fat storing mode.

Therefore if we fast for extended periods this can have a beneficial effect on our weight and blood glucose levels.

The disadvantages with these methods are that some people find them hard to maintain as they get tempted to eat during the fasting periods due to hunger.

The length and frequency of the fasting period varies according to the fasting diet you choose.

Also depending on your medication it may not be safe to consider these methods.

Some people will feel unwell when fasting including loss of concentration and headaches. However these symptoms often ease once the body gets used to the fasting periods.

This method is therefore not suitable for a lot of people with diabetes but if you would like to try this method you should check with your healthcare practitioner that it is safe to do so.

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