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Meet the DWELL Ambassadors!


These are people who have been participants on the DWELL programme and are now advocates of the programme; encouraging and supporting others to make changes in their lives!

Colin Matthews

David Hoskins

Robert Miller

Hi all I am Colin Matthews,  many nicknames but Col is most friendly! I have type 2 diabetes and have been for several years but in my retirement I manage it very well . My work background was in Aviation and Automotive mainly within Purchasing. Married and grown up sons who have blessed me with 2 grandchildren. My hobbies/ interests include dog walking, swimming, chess and gardening.

My name is David and for many years I had been struggling with my type 2 diabetes, mainly through ignorance of what I should be doing. When I was approached, I jumped at the chance to attend the first ever Dwell course in Medway. I not only gained a huge amount of technical information about my condition but gained some lifelong friends as well. I took part in all the practical activities although I couldn’t play the ukulele due to the arthritis in my fingers. I got a huge amount out of the course and when asked to be an ambassador I of course accepted. I lost weight and was able to pass my knowledge onto others. I live with my husband Drew and our four cats and I work in Adult Social Care.

My name is Robert and for the last four years I've been selling stuff online. I had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told to lose weight when I was invited to join the first ever Dwell course I probably got the most out of the technical information rather than the wellbeing (certainly learning to play the ukulele didn't help me to relax!) But I got a lot out of the course and along the way lost 3 stone in weight. I wanted to be an ambassador not because I like Ferrero Rocher but because I wanted to put something back into something that helped me

Kevin Jasper

Sam Brett

I have been an ambassador for the DWELL project for about three years.

I became one because I gained a greater sinse of well-being while on the original pilot course. During this time I have had the pleasure to speak about the DWELL course during public events bringing it people who may have had type two diabetes for an extended time and to those newly diagnosed. The biggest gain for me is the number of friends I have made. I now have a wide base of people who are in the same position as me who live with diabetes. The professional staff who run the project are there to give advice when needed and run various social event.

I participated in one of the earlier DWELL groups. It was an extremely valuable learning resource and the atmosphere was always one of support and encouragement. It was very uplifting in contrast to ‘traditional’ advice I had received which was not always helpful.

I love cooking (probably too much!) and shared samples of my cooking with my group and also with my team during our quiz nights. I enjoy the fund-raising quiz nights which many of our DWELL participants attend.

I was able to attend a meeting in Holland where I met other Ambassadors from the European Dwell groups – this was a very enjoyable experience.

I am also learning to play the ukulele  and have joined a singing group, both of which i was introduced to through DWELL.

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